School of Mathematics


Contact : Liu Shufen

Tel : 0451-86414208

E-mail :

website :

The School of Mathematics was founded in 2019, previously known as the Department of Mathematics, Harbin Institute of Technology. There are two professional doctor’s degree authorization locations with the majors Mathematics and Statistics. Our school is one of the first 7 “National Educational Bases of Elementary Curriculums (Mathematics) in Engineering” established by the Ministry of Education. We have 1 National High-Quality Resource Sharing Course, 2 National High-Quality Courses, 3 National High-Quality Online Open Courses, 4 Provincial High-Quality courses, 1 Provincial Excellent Teaching Team, 1 Provincial Key Laboratory and 1 Provincial Leading Talent Echelon. Until now, almost 2000 undergraduate students, 1400 master graduate students and 400 doctor graduate students have graduated from our school including more than 50 joint doctoral students with high-level universities overseas, more than 10 high-level Changjiang scholars and national distinguished young scholars, 8 presidents and vice presidents of universities, 3 winners of the national award for nomination of 100 excellent doctoral dissertations, 3 winners of the academic newcomer award of Ministry of Education, more than 20 directors and deputy directors of provincial institutes and national secondary institutes, 14 winners of the award for excellent doctoral dissertations of Harbin Institute of Technology and 1 winner of PhD thesis gold award of the new world mathematics awards.

Professor B?oChau Ng?, winner of Fields Medal in 2010, visited our school

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